Alexis Sanford Consulting

Alexis Sanford: Account Planner, Detective, Explorer, Catalyst, Facilitator

I believe that every team holds the wisdom and the will to take their brand into the future. The work is to unlock it. Sometimes you have to look inside; sometimes you have to look outside. Often you have to do both.

I believe truly powerful insight that has the ability to make your brand stand apart from otherís can only come from inspired, creative inquiry. The answers are there ó inside you, inside your consumer, sometimes even hidden in obvious places. But you have to be willing to listen differently. The best insight is a breath of fresh air, something that can inspire people to take action and make changes. Itís simultaneously unexpected and obvious.

I believe in the power of brains bumping togetheró to see the world in new ways, to overcome obstacles, to create change. And I believe that real innovation is born out of perspective, creativity, risk taking and play.

Looking inside.
Looking outside.
Being curious.
Inspiring brains.
I believe it can truly make a difference.
Itís why I do what I do.